Thursday, 6 January 2011

Setbacks to my road to Riches ( A good start to 2011)

Setbacks to my road to Riches ( A good start to 2011)
Well what Can I say a bad start to my Road to Riches, First off  Just before Christmas I had to Cancel my Bank debit Card Because some Doggie websites that I didn't vet first. I ended up giving my details to god knows who, to pay for some goods that I didn't even Get. So I phoned the bank in a blind panic and cancelled my card then they told me that They couldn't Guarantee a new one before Christmas, Great I thought....
Well three weeks later still no Card ... so that Has delayed my plans for mega richness, no hosting yet, no websites yet... no Nothing... because I cant buy anything until my new card comes I cant even pay my mobile phone bill.. and Ive been cut off ....
I have looking around and found some new Ideas for websites ugly faces, calm night Pillows etc.
I also some free traffic generating software pugins for wordpress sounds cool will research some more.
although the thought of using wordpress still haunts me I dont know that much about it. or even how easy it is to use the only instruction i can find is youtube videos and pdf's written by People who can do it blindfolded and have all the techy experience  to use it and they know it because it seems that they expect you to know all the jargon that goes with it all HEELLPPP!!
Anyway until next time I might have some Positive news to tell you (about bloody time ehh!!)...

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


OK, Only one more day to Go Then D Day will Commence,
Yes Folks Wednesday,29/12/2010 is the Day I start My online Marketing Empire, HaHaHa!!!
this is the day I buy a Hosting Package, that Really Boost all my websites to levels of Success that I can only Dream of.... yeah Right !!! well I can dream can't I ..???
I'm Not Sure what to start with though Once I the hosting dtuff sorted out first and installed a few Plugins
I'll start doing some research keyword stuff, and product searches then I think around newyears day 1/1/11
that will be Me sorted and on my way to untold riches YEEHAH!!!!.
ooh!!! I'm So Exceited I'm Gonna wet Myself.
In The last Few days I have doing a lot of reading on Linkbuilding and backlinking, so I think I've got that all Sorted out now, Well thats If I dont read anything else that will just throw everything I just learnt into a Totally new Dimension.
I have been reading a blog by some dude calling himself Raymond Selda, from the Philipienes, this dude claims he has been doing this  online Affiliate Marketing, for around 6 months and he seems to be pretty clued up on all that is mind boggling internet stuff and to read his bloggs you just come away with so much enthusiasium  I dont even know if My Spelling is correct either my spelling has greatly improved over the last few weeks or my spellcheck isn't working (STRANGE)....
Well anyway Roll on the next Twelve Months and see where it takes me...
Untill next time Sorry till next Year LOL...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 2 going through some training videos

Day 2 Going through some training videos,
Oh my god this really sucks it is getting quite boring now I have gone through about 4 hours of training Video's
and I think I'm going into information overload.
I cant seem to grasp this this link building/backlinking stuff. Looks so tedious and boring is there something out there that can do all this for me at no cost there must be a plugin or something, where you don't have think about it.
I think I have grasped keyword searches and niche market research but I think that is the easiest part of this Game. I really need to get on top of this backlinking and link building stuff...
the videos just seem to think I understand what's what. this guy that's doing the training videos is now saying you out source all of this? Why didn't just he say that in the first place???.
"you know just go here -- and they will do it all for you that's what I do" of course for a fee. In one sentence they tell you, you need to write this many article,s and this much content, then you have go and do this many 100's of links. and these people boast about how much time they have on their hands. to go and have fun!!! WHEN???.
They say that build 5-10 websites a day. HOW???. There isn't that amount of hours in a day to all this even if they didn't sleep at all. Oh well rant over back to the video's...
will speak again soon

Monday, 6 December 2010

Who is Paul Clarke

Who is Paul Clarke
Hello My Name Is Paul Clarke,
I am 45 years old in a good paying job but I want more
my computer knowledge is I can only say not much. I can surf, download, cut and paste, and write a letter. apart from that not much more Oh! I can start a blog on blogger.. Yeehaa!!!
So What Am I Doing Here???
Well For the past 3 years I have Been Messing Around With The Idea of becoming an online Marketeer. in the past i have dabbled in adwords, adsense, but with not much success. in the past I have spent 100's of pounds on the next big idea that will make me thousands and thousands of pounds just by following what all the the expert online marketing Gurus claim, that is what they do to make loads of dosh!!!.
it has taken me this long to realise that the way they are making money is by selling these Products to newbies like me who don't know any better. they claim if you can use a computer with no special skills anyone can do it. what a load of Rubbish... I have never been able to understand what the hell their on about.
they seem to expect you to understand what they mean. and if your lucky enough to get video's to explain they wizz through every thing they show you, except the bits they like to bragg about how much money they have made that is when and the only time they take there time in fact on average about 70% of the tutorial is spent on showing you how much money they have made.
Well now this time enough is enough.
I am still going to try online Marketing but this time I have done Research.
I am NOT Going to rush into anything this Time.
I am going to take my time..
the Idea of this blog is to give me an incentive to carry on trying and not give up as I have done in the past.

I have bought a couple of products, I will continue to go through the instructions time and time again until l have understood them fully.
On the 29 of December I will purchase hosting space from or or some other hosting company what ever is giving the best deals at the time they must be able to have wordpress as i think this the best sort of software to have to build blogs/websites etc.
I will then find and research niche markets to start my online empire, and only then find domain names that match those niches.
my target for the next 4 months is to build sites that will generate an income of about £3.00 a day. I think this is a realistic amount to start with. And only then will I start to attempt to crank things up for a higher income.